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The premier paint protection film, ceramic pro coatings, clear bra, and window tinting dealer in the state of Kansas. 


Explore our ultimate level of car care


Complete and total Vehicle protection

Full Body wraps + Ceramic Coatings

Wichita Clear Bra - XPEL Stealth - Audi RS7 - RS7 - Stealth Wrap - Matte Wrap - Satin Wrap - XPEL Paint Protection Film - XPEL Clear Bra - Ceramic Coating-180.jpg


Full body Paint Protection Film offers a multitude of benefits over partially wrapped cars and other options for paint protection. As the XPEL Ultimate PLUS or XPEL Stealth film covers the entire body, it offers ultimate protection. Add a Ceramic Pro coating to enhance the look of the paint protection film. Ceramic Pro’s PPF/Vinyl product is specifically designed for paint protection film. Along with all the benefits of our Ceramic Pro coatings, the film will stay cleaner and be even easier to clean, while still maintaining the self-healing properties of the film!


Protect the exterior of your car from damage

Paint protection film / Clear Bra


XPEL paint protection films ensure your vehicle is protected from rock chips, wind-blown debris, scratches and etching from bug guts, tree sap and …other things that drop out of the sky. XPEL is virtually invisible, making it a perfect option to preserve the great look of your vehicle while protecting your paint! Unlike the outdated black canvas bras or inferior paint protection films XPEL has unmatched clarity and longevity backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.


Enhance the depth of your paint, add protection, and never wax again

Ceramic Pro Coatings


Ceramic Pro offers the most effective automotive protection for your vehicle! The 100% transparent, non-yellowing, UV-stable, anti-stick coating adds another layer of protection for your paint and clear coat against the harsh elements of the environment. The coating also allows for less maintenance. The slickness of the surface doesn't allow dirt, brake dust, and tar to stick to your car's paint, wheels, or glass. This makes washing your vehicle less labor intensive and less frequent. Drive a new-looking car every day and never wax your car again!


Keep your car looking and feeling cool

Window Tinting


While we can all agree we need the sun, sometimes it can interfere with your driving experience. The sun can be hot and blinding and emits harmful UV rays. Add privacy, comfort and safety to your vehicle with window tint by Wichita Clear Bra. When you put tint between yourself and the sun, it’s the equivalent of wearing SPF 1000 sunscreen! See clearly by reducing glare and block upwards of 88 percent of solar heat energy!


Completely change the look of your car

Vinyl Wrap / Graphics


Want a pop of style or color to customize your vehicle? Vinyl accents or wraps can really set you apart and give you the look you’re going for! We have color samples on hand so come visit today and lets get creative!


restore the shine of your paint

Car wash / Detailing / paint Correction



With educations in refinishing and custom applications it’s safe to say we know paint! As technology improves we enjoy implementing cutting edge techniques and products to best care for your car and make your ownership and driving experience better. Find DIY products from Griot’s Garage or see which of our services can work for you. From routine washes to paint correction and specialty coatings, we are here to help!


On-site or On-Location photographs

WCB Photo sessions



Our staffed professional photographer can give you astonishing photos of your beloved vehicle. Choose from photos included with your protective services, on-site photos, or on-location sessions featuring multiple locations, drone photos, and more!